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 Tianshi the sacred whisper

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The Great Lake Pack

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PostSubject: Tianshi the sacred whisper   Fri 2 Aug - 11:28

Last Name: I've revoked my family's name.
First name: Tianshi
Age: 90 831 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Teacher or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: Sawgrass Pack

- Healing, Light
- Whisper, darkness and light
- Telepathy, darkness
- Sacred. light
Description of your powers:
Healing: This is the normal healing, nothing special. I heal myself and others.
Whisper: It's considered both light and dark for the simple fact that i can either take away all the pain in your heart with my voice, or make you feel it ten times more as a punishment.
Telepathy: Again, the normal type, I hear your thoughts and can send my own in your mind.
Sacred: Allows me to create a temporary barrier that makes me unvulnerable to any type of attack be it physical or psychological. This barrier can include others then

Physical Description: I've never cut my hair, so I shall leave it to your mind to see how long it is. Though I will say that it is, as people say, pure and white. Actually, mostly everything about me is white. My hair, the feathers that my wings show proudly and my skin. My skin is an anatural light color. My wings are my pride, I have six of them and they are all pure white, there's not even a stain of another color on a feather somewhere. My eyes are also as neutral as the rest of my body's color, they are a light grey tone.
My body itself is well build. I have been trained well in many martial arts and so my body shows it. You can't say that I am a pretty man, but I've been called an attractive man. I will surely not deny it since I've received many offers in marriaged over the years. I wear clothes that suit me, but I prefer the kimono in light tones. When at home, I wear only the bottom part of a two piece kimono. By looking at me, people tend to forget that I am from a noble family, I am simply too used to being a general now.

Psychological Description: I've always been too nice. My father tried desperatly to toughen me up and to make me ruthless, but I will never strike down a man who can still find himself again. By that, I mean that I will not punish a man who has commited a small crime such as thievery. Such a man can still find himself in life and begin a new page as an honest man. For that reason, I gained the love and respect of the village where I lived.
I would much prefer helping the people in the fields rather then sit around and wait or study. I am still very knowledgeable, but I'd rather share this knowledge with others then keep it locked up in my mind and make others feel inferior to me. You are all my equals and I hope that one day, even pets could say the same. If by some bad luck you do manage to anger me, then we shall fight on equal terrain. If you are not as strong as I am, I will tie one hand behind my back and take you on, though i will not kill you. The rules are simple, the first one to fall on the ground is the loser. There is no need for bloodshed.

Story: My father had always been a strong man, so when I was born into his family, he wanted me, his only son, to become like him. sadly for him, I had inherited my mother's soft and gentle character. She nurished my mind as much as my father trained my body. I wanted to make both of them proud of me. Mother was always pleased by my progress, but Father was always finding something wrong with either my poses or my attacks. I tried hard to make him love me the way my mother did.
It seems that at some point in time I succeded since he allowed me to use his name. I was proud to wear my Father's crest. But my Father betrayed me. He allied with our enemy and stabed me thirteen times in my chest before leaving me for dead. My companions took his side and left me. A farmer found me, recognised me for letting him live years ago and brought me back to my house. My mother took great care of me there. My father, I never heard of again, he simply vanished. I stayed in a regenerative state for over fourty five years before coming back to my senses. Mother had left a note saying that she would avenge me and I didn't see her again. I inherited the Mansion and the "pets" that were in it. I am a simple Lord taking care of his lands. Though my blood still boils for good battles sometimes, I will never shed blood anynore.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Tianshi the sacred whisper   Fri 2 Aug - 11:36

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Tianshi the sacred whisper
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