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 Shurui Shizen

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Shurui Shizen
Convent of the Sources

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PostSubject: Shurui Shizen   Wed 14 Aug - 11:28

Last Name : Shizen
First name : Shurui
Age: 17 years old
Sex of your character: Man
Sexual orientation of your character: I've not paid mind to that of yet

Teacher or Student: Student
Class: Nekuromansa
Clan: Convent of the Sources
1- Hydrokenisis: Any type of liquids actually, I can manipulate at will.
2- Blood Rain: It is not acutal blood, it is rather an illusion of blood falling for the sky. It gives me a boost in power

Physical Description: I have very long silver white hair that always flow freely down my back to my hips. I don't tie them, I don't cut them, they are exactly the way I like them right now. My eyes,they are bi-colored in gold and red. My skin is pale white, probably due to my vampire nature. I've been told that it is very soft, but I don't feel it. My hands are quite dry because they are always in the water or different types of dyes. My clothes are always my own creations. Kimonos or Yukatas, I wear nothing that I've not made myself. Other then that, I am said to show no expression in my face except when I am under someone that is fucking me. Though then again, I find that bothersome.

Psychological Descritpion: I don't do anything unless it is worth doing. Losing time isn't something I like doing and it annoys me. I can spend the day working without feeding myself. I tend to forget things like that. I feel like finishing work is much more important then my social life.
Though when it comes to my social life, I have a few people that come to see me. They really only wan my body. I don't care. They say they would buy my creations if I give them my ass a few times. I don't care. I'll sleep with anyone that askes me to spread my legs, but it doesn't mean that I am enjoying myself. I usually have no emotions in my eyes when I am being fucked.

Story: I wasn't raised by my own arents. I was raised by the whole convent. Not just one person, but all of them. I didn't mind, I had everything I needed, even more sometimes, but I lacked the guidance of a mother and a father, so, men from the convent started asking me for something in exchane all the time. It just so happened that they asked for my body in exchange. It didn't matter to me. I had the attention I craved while I made other people happy just by using my rear end. Though since this started around my fourteenth birthday, I was raised to think that I must pay with my body. Today even, I still have not spent any money for anything, I simply seduce the men and offer them my body as payments for services rendered. Some say this is wrong, then why does it feel so good? I'm not going to stop selling myself, I enjoy it and the people who get to have me are also very happy, yet, I am emotionless. I will cast you away if you are not worth me spreading my legs for.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Shurui Shizen   Wed 14 Aug - 12:10

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Shurui Shizen
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