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 Zhoutai, the bull king

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Zhou Tai


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PostSubject: Zhoutai, the bull king   Thu 15 Aug - 9:19

Last Name: N/A
First Name: Zhoutai
Age: 178 852
Sexe: Wild guy
Sexual Orientation: anything that breaks and moan

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: eidolen

Chaos : This makes him able to summon both thunders, and black flames all at once and created a massive destruction. Those flames and thunder can take any form he wanted ( sword, spear, anything).

Redemption : A very powerful healing. This power would remove any bad effects on something or someone, it will neutralize and heal everything.

Darkness - Hell fire : i can control fire all i want. i can summon hell fire to burn a town or realm, the flame is also my weapon and that makes me 'fire proof'. this is an advantage so that when i got his by anything hot or has heat, it will cause no wounds on me.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum. (From wall to wall in the post box

Well, look at him, long black hair that reached his butt, strong figure, big and muscular body. He was a warrior, he was build for a fight and killing. He was trained as a deadly weapon. He was a tall guy and has a well build figure of a warrior. He has a pair of 'cold as ice' blue eyes and his skin was in honey cream color. He has four black wings ( angel wings) that would appear when he battles or fight. But of course, those wing were made of flames, this wings could also helped him to fly but they only appeared when he used his power. He also got two horns on him, he was a bull king with wings, because he was the grand bull. An exceptional one, a rare one. Those horns were made of adamantine metals, rare, hardest one, unbreakable.

Psychological Description: 4 full lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box):

he does not care about other people. He hated whore and all kinds that follows after. He was as cold as ice. Just like the gaze of his eyes. He did not flirt or sweet talk people, he is a self centered person and rarely looked at others. Even if the most gorgeous lady in town came to seduce him, he would gave that woman a cold icy glare and walked away as if he saw nothing but trash. He likes to be alone and he was not good in talking with people. Though, actually, he was not as cold as people say. It's just that he always got approached by the wrong person ( the person he hated), and he responded in a rude way, so people assume he was a big brute.
Now, about the things he liked. He liked battling, practicing with his sword, and he also liked to eat spicy foods and hot tea. He loved all kinds of tea and he hated the stench of alcohol and cigarette the most. ( those two things would flare him up like crazy)

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

He was raised in the academy. Nobody knows where he came from. There has been a rumor said that his parents were a pair of mad scientist who created chaos in the whole human world. In the end, both of the mad scientist couple died in an incident. A great incident that almost destroy half of the town. At that time,he was still a kid and he did not know what happened. The next thing he knew was he was in an academy, taught how to blend with people, and use combat magic and weapons. So, up until now, nobody really knew anything about him. Not even himself. From that day onward, he lived for his own sake. He stayed in the academy, got himself a room and studied there as well as exploring his battle skills. He stayed in his dorm, alone for now. his dorm was quite big, for a student's dorm. During his free time, he would be training in the battle arena or field, or maybe do a bit of walk around the park or garden just to enjoy the view.,

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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Zhoutai, the bull king   Fri 16 Aug - 10:13

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Zhoutai, the bull king
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