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 come eat me? or.. let em devour you??

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Akira Shirasagi
Convent of the Sources

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PostSubject: come eat me? or.. let em devour you??   Fri 16 Aug - 13:17

Last Name: Shirasagi
First Name: Akira
Age: 21
Sexe: man
Sexual Orientation: anything sexy

Teacher Or Student: student
Class: Nekuromansa
Clan: convent of the sources

Powers: (Up to Two for students and Four for teachers. Please remember that your powers must have a relation with your Class!

Black flame orb : Summon a black flame orb using my hands ( concentrating my energy on them) and then made a huge black fire ball from it. This can turn into a black flame sword as well. Of course it couldn't be broken since it's my flame ( attached to me).

Angel's touch : a healing power. I could heal myself from any damage or wounds by absorbing the damage I get, or summon a spirit of light to heal myself.

Physical Description: 4 full lines minimum. (From wall to wall in the post box)

I am hot like hell and sexy. I have a pair of red eyes that looked alluring and seductive as well. My skin is creamy white, its healthy color, so not that pale. I kept my hair long and pure black. It reached my butt and I mostly kept it loose. I only tie them in certain occasion. I like to wear simple clothes like simple robes or anything rhymes with it. Of course that kind of clothing got disheveled easily. Wrong movement and people would be able to see my whole nude skin, but hey, who cares?! I like showing off my firm and well shaped body. Even though I'm thin but my body got its shape carved well enough. I also like to show off my long slender legs, or.. just.. anything about my body.

Psychological Description: 4 full lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box):

I'm wild, sometimes scary, sometimes got over aroused, or sometimes, I get bored and become lazy. It could be said that I am complicated. It’s a bit hard to tell my mood or personality, well, I can't even tell myself!!! As long as I enjoy my companion and time, everything would be just fine. I also liked to be dominated, I like it when someone eat me up rough and wild. They could bite, scratch, anything. If they wanted to, they could even tie me up using bondage or whatever, just.. don't get me angry or I'll burn them all into ashes. As complicated as I am, sometimes I am gentle, spoiled, sweet, and cuddly. But then other times, I would go wild and savage…. Sometimes.. I also liked being treated gently.. it felt good as well. ^_^

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)

I don't have much to tell about my life… I don’t' even know much about it!! Strange huh? Yes, as strange as my personality!!! I know!! But there it is one thing about me that people know. I live in the dorm of the academy, I am an evil nekuromansa, and.. apparently, a wild one as well. I lived in this academy since forever, I can't remember when, but I enjoyed it here, it felt good living in the luxury dorm, it has nice furniture and all. However, sometimes it's just hard to get a descent entertainment. So I tend to go outside to the human world  to get one. When my entertainment turned up sucks, I would not hesitate to kill that person. My day was bad already and I don't need someone to ruin it for me even more! when I'm in a bad mood, someone sexy or hot, or handsome, is the best medicine for me. i liked those type of people, especially guys. i liked handsome men, hot guys, manly guys with strong body and muscles.. delicious meal...mostly, i would have my one night fun with them and then tossed them aside in the next day, i could say that I'm not really good in being with.. one person.. unless.. well.. you can make me want only you...
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: come eat me? or.. let em devour you??   Fri 16 Aug - 13:44

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come eat me? or.. let em devour you??
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