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 Ryosuke Kurosu

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Ryosuke Kurosu


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PostSubject: Ryosuke Kurosu   Sun 18 Aug - 9:52

Last name: Kurosu
First name: Ryosuke
Age: 21 years old
Sexe: Man
Sexual orientation: I have my eyes set on someone

Teacher or Studend: Student
Class: Gensono
Clan: I was raised by my Nekuromansa father. Though belong to nowhere.
-Elemental drift: I can manipulate a multitude of elements such as water, fire and Darkness. I can control them at will but they take much energy.
-Soul sift: Using Elemental Drift takes a lot of energy, so I use this to take yours and make it mine. It heals my wounds at the same time. I can also use this to heal other people's wounds, though very close contact is necessary.

Physical Description: On first impression, people rarely see me as a Gensono. They usually think that I am a Sen'tou. I am not. I am a pure magician. I have very long white hair and golden eyes. My body is well cut up but not too much. People cannot focuse on only one part of my body. So many things to see on myself. They start by noticing my scar that passes on my nose and under my eyes. I can't heal that one, it's cursed by my father. Then, on the left side of my body, I have some tatoos in red.
I don't wear any shirt, though I wear a cape that hides most of my chest. I like to wear light colors that match my hair and my pale skin.
Psychological Description: My father's character is what came out more stronglt in me. Since he is a nekuromansa, he is solitary and has trouble trusting anyone. I only trust one man. Akira. Though aome traits of my mother's peraonnality do show up when I am alone with my Akira. Sadly, Akira tends to ignore me sometimes, it pisses me off. Our friendship is important to me.
Other then that, people see me as a cold and rude man. Nobody approaches me unless they have too. I keep away from people as well. Though unfortunately, I hang out with Akira and he loves people's attention. I hate it. I want him all to myself.

Story: When I was only a few weeks old, my father took me to his convent where there was another little boy. He raised me there, but the convent never accepted me as one of their own since I don't have any nekuromansa powers. It didn't matter to me. At least, I had a friend amongst them. His name is Akira and he is my most precious friend. I never mistook him for a girl, but as we grew up, I noticed that this for others was hard to figure out. Often, Akira was approached by men. He began to love the attention, to crave it. And our once blossoming friendship was slowly fading away. All he cared about qas to be seen by men, all I cared about was Him. I doubted that he ever saw me the same way I see him still today. For me, he's not a temporary toy, he is a beautiful man that needs someone to take good care of him. I try to hide my emotions from him, but it's getting too painful.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Ryosuke Kurosu   Sun 18 Aug - 9:54

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Ryosuke Kurosu
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