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 Senri Takano, formally Senri Kagebara

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PostSubject: Senri Takano, formally Senri Kagebara   Fri 23 Aug - 14:26

Last name: Takano, formally Kagebara
First name: Senri
Age: 729 922 years young
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: Young men. Prefereably virgins.

Teacher or Student: Language Teacher
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: The Great Lake Pack
1- Mimic, I can understand and reproduce a language I hear only once. Very useful.
2- Talons, well, they are my talons, simply these are creates in metal and I pull them out of my body.
3- Feather storm, a great way to amaze someonenor to walk away from a fight, create a storm of my colorful feathers.
4- Song, actually, I don't sing, I just heal your wounds.

Physical Description: My body has always been strange to others. I have pointy ears like elves, my hair reaches lower then my shoulders, they are golden blond and end deep blue. My eyes are golden with natural red markinga over them. My forearms are scally like bird feet and krange, green and deep blue feathers stick out of my arms. I have tribal tatoos on both arms. I can't wear any normal shirts because of my feathers, but I do my best to cover my chest. Same thing with my ankles. And my long tail feathers also come out from the bottom of my back. People know me for my my colorful feathers.
Psychological Description: I am a nice guy, I will listen, I am patient with my students I will smile when the moment is right, but if somebody dares touch my feathers, I will give you a permanent facelift using the wall near us. Nobody touches my feathers. Too many painful plucking memories surround them. I may be a nice guy, but I will demand respect from the people around me. Well, my presence itself will make you respect me.
My favorite saying is: Growing old is unavoidable, but growing up is an option. It litterally means that you have no choice but to let your body mature, but you have the choice to act like an old geyser or a teen for the rest of your life. I had to find a perfect balance, though I much prefer having fun.

Story: My last name hasn't always been Takano, it used to be Kagebara. Sin is my youngest brother, though I've only met him once from afar. It seems to me that our family has not accepted him very well because of his uniqueness. Well I've nevee been close to my family, always doing things on my own, in my own way, in my own pace. I left home before Sin's birth, though I'm certain he's heard of me as the lazy Senri. It's true thay in my youth I was lazy, but that sure has changed. I took up Sen'tou training as a hobby and built up not only my physical strenght but my confidence as well. I became a language teacher because of my unique ability to understand every language I hear and I am then able to speak it fluently.
I figured out a long time ago that I had no interests in females. I seem to like only young looking men, they have to be thin, tight looking and a little feminine, I like it when they bite back as well. I usually like my partners with very long hair and narrow hips.
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Ryuzaki Oda

Ryuzaki Oda

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PostSubject: Re: Senri Takano, formally Senri Kagebara   Sat 24 Aug - 9:58

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Senri Takano, formally Senri Kagebara
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