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 If you think you can handle him you can have him -

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Convent of the Sources

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PostSubject: If you think you can handle him you can have him -   Mon 9 Sep - 10:52

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self-defence teacher
Convent of the Sources
Dark energy: ability to create and manipulate dark energy he especially likes to use it to create tools for his punishments.
Nightmare: with just a simple moment of eye contact he can send you into the land of dreams where you will be tortured by your innermost fears.
Shadow puppet: Grabbing a hold of one’s shadow he can manipulate others bodies, turning them into his puppets.
Poisonous sutra: this is a sutra he created himself which allows his body to turn dark energy into poison. This poison passes through his hands and to the surface he is in contact with.

Physical Description:  He has a pretty face a bright smile and well those are some of his most dangerous attributes because his personality is anything but normal. His physical on the other hand is pretty decent, he has long tawny hair paired with bright green eyes. He has a tall but slender body type with slightly toned muscles. He doesn’t like suits or constricting attire which is why you can often find him wearing his pyjamas or even a yukata. His distinguishing features include, his lip and right ear pierced, a gold chain piercing linking them together and the two beauty marks underneath his left eye. No matter where you see Miharu he will always have his pipe in hand or in his mouth.

Psychological Description:  He’s a really big S, his most said words to his students would have to be ‘group punishment’ and ‘don’t argue with me’. Which has earned him both fans and enemies. This sadistic trait runs in his family on his mother’s side which is why he isn’t interested in sex and has a slight fear of women after a childhood trauma of accidently seeing his parents at it and unable to think that could ever be normal or anything but painful.  
Miharu isn’t exactly an unsociable person it’s just most people don’t get along with him and he doesn’t mind being alone. That being said since there’s not many close to him the other side to his personality stays relatively hidden since it only comes out when he’s sleepy. It’s then that his personality becomes completely childish.

After the incident Miharu never really did feel comfortable at home so as soon as he could he left, went out into the world. Since he needed money to support himself in the early days he worked as an assassin, refining his skills by learning martial arts. Though he learned quite a few types his favourite is tai chi because he finds it healthy for the mind and body. His abilities were all suited so the assassination field was one he worked in for quite a while. He didn’t feel guilty about ending lives as he grew up being taught humans were basically trash though gradually he learned that wasn’t necessarily true. So eventually he got tired of it and then he was offered a teaching position since they lacked self-defence teachers and he was quite knowledgeable in that department. While he does teach self-defence he can’t help but be annoyed when people think defence is useless and are unable to comprehend how it can be useful in battle. Miharu’s strong defence lead to his strong attack so he can’t help but take out his annoyance on his ignorant students, though perhaps that’s just a reason.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: If you think you can handle him you can have him -   Thu 12 Sep - 9:16

Sorry for the wait. Everything is good.
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If you think you can handle him you can have him -
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