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 Takuma onizaki

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Takuma Onizaki


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PostSubject: Takuma onizaki   Thu 12 Sep - 9:21

Last name: Onizaki
First name: Takuma
Age: 23 years old
Sex: man
Sexual orientation: don't care, as long as I'm dominated.

Teacher or student?: Assistant Nurse, Assistant Councilor
Class: Chiryo sha
Clan: I own my monastary
1- Healing: Of course, every scrape and scratch plus the bigger wounds are healed in a moment with me.
2- Cheat Death: If dead for less then five minutes I can bring you back without any damage to body and mind.
3- Scan: To find out where your internal wounds are to finally heal you after.
4- Protect: To prevent any wounds to people, quite powerful though uses much of my energy.

Physical Description: I look like the typical straight A student. I wear glasses, I'm serious most of the time, but I do have this type of smile that seduces anyone. Both my eyes and hair are black as night. My skin is pale, as if I never go outside, but it's simply because it doesn't tan in the sun, it's too sensitive. Another reason why people think of me as a straight A student, which I am not, I like to wear a white shirt with a black vest and I tie, black pants also. I wear the tie mostly for the people that want to tie my hands when they desire me.
Psychological Description: I've always been to odd ball out. Since my puberty, I've found that I get excited when I get dominated by a man or a woman. Though with women they ride on top of me, men also like to dominate me. And I love it when men go inside me. I'm also told that my attitude and smile make people instantly trust me. That's why I have gained two important jobs, in my opinion, at such a young age. People trust me so easily, though they shouldn't. I much rather have a person desire me then trust me. I don't like when people get too close to me. In that way, Kyousuke-Sama and I are the same. We don't trust people enough to let them get close. And just like Haku-Sama, I am keen to desire being embraced by many. My favorite is bondage and I do like pain. Don't be shy now.

Story: I've no parents. They disinherited me from their monastary, so I went out and made my own. I discovered my love for pain and bondage when a man from my house decided he desired me. I didn't mind at all, I actually begged for more. Sadly, that man left and got married, so I had to find others that could satisfy me. It's actually very hard to find really. Not many people like bondage and pain.
When I heard about the nurse needing an assistant, I instantly went for the job, and got it, the principal is the one that gave me Kyousuke-sama's assistant job. I didn't refuse, people trust me and talk to me, so why not. And I could always discover what made them tic, which could help me find some new partners.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Takuma onizaki   Thu 12 Sep - 9:27

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Takuma onizaki
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