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 Shin Hanamura

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Dark Earth Convent

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PostSubject: Shin Hanamura   Sun 9 Dec - 13:09

Last Name: Hanamura
First Name: Shin
Age: 16 years old
Sexe: Man
Sexual Orientation: Who Cares!

Teacher Or Student: Studen
Class: Nekuromansa
Clan: Dark Earth Convent
- Call Back, Darkness
- Change Skin, Darkness

Description of your Powers:
- Call back is purely from the convent I am from. Though it requires one sacrifice, not from me of course. I must kill an animal or person in order to own their body and soul. I can then summon them to control them.
- When I get too much damage on my skin, I simply pull the old, wounded skin off and have new, fresh skin. I can change skins whenever I want to and how many times it needs.

Physical Description:
I am small for my age, but I still look good. I have shortish silver hair and pale grey eyes. My skin is almost as white as the hair on my head and the irises in my eyes.
I always I wear my dark grey shirt with black lines, sometimes with a dark coloured jacket. My pants are also dark in color with a white belt. I prefer wearing my knee high white leather thin boots with black laces. Around my neck are many necklaces that each have a meaning or purpose in my dark art. Touch them, you are dead.
Psychological Description:
True to my Necromancer nature, I love it when pain is involved. As to if I like to be in pain or to cause pain, I will leave that for you to discover.
Other then that I love to have fun. You know what they say: have fun while you're young. I'm young and I intend to have a lot of fun. For me, amusement can be killing, torturing, practicing the dark arts. My parents wanted mme to be the best, well I am the best in what I do.
I don't know sadness, lonelyness or anything concidered weak and useless. I don't have time to waste with pity subjects. If you want to waste my time, my.demon will be your... conversation partner. You'll find that he is more of a physical talker.

Being as my Father is the one in charge of the convent where I grew up, I had access to many forbidden books. I learned many techniques and surpassed my Father's followers quickly and earned their loualty in the same way as my Father.
I sacrificed my first animal when I was eight and I loved the power it gave me. I discovered my change of skin gift when one cat scratched my face violently. When I got my sweey sixteens, I got attracted to this academy. I have my room, which is good since I don't want to get annoyed. Though I must admit, I'm getting curious about what people call a physical relationship. My body has been acting a little strange for a little while. It seems that when I look at men and women, it reacts in a desireable way.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Shin Hanamura   Wed 12 Dec - 0:36

Eww skin change... but very unique.
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Shin Hanamura
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