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 Mahiro Atori

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Mahiro Atori
The Sawgrass Pack

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PostSubject: Mahiro Atori    Fri 13 Sep - 17:02

Last Name:Atori
First Name:Mahiro
Age:7 852 years old
Nick Name : Hyde
Sexual Orientation:Men

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi, cat
Clan: Sawgrass Pack

Physical Description: I'm a cat. If you can't tell, you're a moron. I permenantly have my black ears out and my long slender tail as well. My golden eyes are always checking you out like you're a prey, my sharp claws and fangs are always ready to rip you appart. My hair is just as black as my fur and long enough for me to not find them annoying, if they get too long, I'll just cut them off. My body shows that I'm an athlete, though I am still thin. I wear clothes that don't hinder my movements. I like to train as a ninja, so I'm pretty flexible, though I am average sized, I'm still pretty strong.
Psychological Description: As my psychological description goes, it's simple, you piss me off, you get hurt. See, simple? I don't waste time on petty things, I don't like it either when people waste my time. I am known as being quite stubborn about everything, espescially if it's something I hold dearly too.
I am a loner. I vastly perfer being alone to being around annoying people. If I do give you my attention, then you either have a death sentence or something very intriguing or even useful to me. If I give my attention to you, either you are lucky or very unlucky. It all depends if I see you as an enemy, a prey or...useful.

Story: 7 lines minimum (From wall to wall in the post box)
I used to be someone big. I used to rule over the north. I am known as Hyde, but I never knew why. I didn't really care. I just took care of my lands. Then, one stormy day, this guy came to my home in seek of a shelter from the cold. I offered it to him, only to find myself on a boat to some strange island with no ways out. I was alone. I sought ouy people, but nobody lived on this Island. So, not giving up on life just yet, I built myself a house, that boat will come back, I was certain.

When it did come back, not only did they shoot a net on me to immobilise me, but they threw another man on the Island. He then told me that some strange man that goes by the title Duke of the North had come to his lands and betrayed his hospitality to take his lands from him. The description was the same as that bastard that took my lands. I helped the man and built a house with him. Actually, we built houses for all the men that were thrown on this Island. We soon had ourselves a village.

I was starting to get used to this life. It was comfortable after all. Then, a man by the name of Tianshi was abandonned here. This man, he stayed on shore and awaited for someone. He didn't move for months, ignoring every invitation anyone gave him, even the food. He made me want to fight for what I wanted again. One day, the man moved, he was holding a boyish figure in his arma. Propbably the Akuryo he had been waiting for. The boy was the answer to our problem. He came with a plan to bring down our common enemy.

We, the lost warriors, had our reason for living again. The battle was short, but our revenge was sweet. Though, before I decided to leave to my homeland, a little rabbit attracted my eyes. He was called no name, but in my eyes, he was mine.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Mahiro Atori    Mon 21 Oct - 10:19

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Mahiro Atori
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