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 Hideo Izanagi

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Hideo Izanagi
Dark Earth Convent

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PostSubject: Hideo Izanagi   Tue 17 Sep - 9:51

Last Name: Hideo
First Name: Izanagi
Age: 10 657
Sexe: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Teacher Or Student: Private tutor, teaching basic dark magic to advanced
Class: Nekuromansā
Clan: Dark Earth Convent
Nightmare king: No matter of what race is his aim, only by once meeting eyes with the user he will be devorted by nightmares, during day and night.While he is asleep, he will be having non stop nightmares that will drive him mad until he doesn't brake.He will be having delusions when he is awake and will be seeing even his most closed ones as the monsters that visit him in his dreams.With the help of this power Izanagi can get any information out of his targets, but sometimes he will just do it to get some fun.

Summoning: Like any other of his specie Izanagi can summon demons of all kinds, using pentagrams and depending on how powerful is the demon, encahntments.For the ritual to take effect, he uses some of his blood to point a few exceptional symbols in the pentagram.Not long ago thou, he had discovered a new easier way for the summoning.By mixing some of his own blood and one of an already summoned demon, he can summon the same specie hell creature like the one's whose blood was given.

Incubus's poison: With one single scratch, even if the victum doesn't realise it he is already nekuromansā's slave.In his veins there is this type of poison that flows, mixed with his blood, that once it gets into another body it, it won't find it's way out unless Izanagi doesn't decide so.The first sumptoms are: the user becomes more attractive in the victum's eyes than before, there are wet dreams followed and before realising it his mind is filled only with thoughts of Izanagi.In the end the prey's body is filled with extreme lust that only the red haired warlock can put an ease to them.

Dragon's wings: Just as the power says, he can grow wings in the shape of those that dragons have.Their purpose is simple, to take him up in the sky and nothing more.Don't be fooled, thou!It's isn't as easy as you think to glide through the sky and lesser in those windy days, not that he usualy uses them.They are useful in fights, when avoiding enemy's attacks.

Physical Description:
Izanagi is a tall, or so he likes to think of himself, and lean man.His height is just a little bit over the normal and that is his pride.He does get jealous of others that stand tall over him and tends to complain about it.That will be the main reason why his height won't be mentioned...His clothes go perfectly with his the color of his skin-alabaster and they are painted in his favourite color: crimson, the color of the blood.Talking about the clothes, it is actualy a long robe that usualy doesn't cover much of his upper body and expressively shows his slender legs.You will often see him wearing it, hanging on his elbows and revealing his not so muscled chest.The jewelry is in bigger quantities as it can be seen almost everywhere on how body.From small to big, you can see different colored, but all from gold, necklaces hanging down his neck, over 10 bracelets decorating his wrists, countless wrings keeping in charge of his fingers, a belt holding secure his robe and there are even bracelets for his right ankle.Shoes?Never, except for ocassions that require them, but aside from that he prefers to walk on bare feet.You will think that they are always dirty and that the skin is rough, but no.Instead they are clean, like the snow and soft like a baby's butt, this is a little trick of his.

Aside from his clothes, his hair is the next noticeable thing about him and just because of his height, he keepts it short to make him look taller.His natural hair color is reddish brown and he keeps it in this way, loving it the way it is.His eye color is turquoise, but is also mixed with probably darker blue making them look like they are violet.He has medium long nails and always keeps them in perfect state.There is a bloody red drawing on the right side of his face, that you would naturaly think it's a tattoo if you didn't know the truth.This is more of a sign, that he was given with the summoning of his first demon.What does it mean?Well for now Izanagi keeps it a secret and only he knows about it's true meaning.

Psychological Description:
It's a little hard to understand his personality.Is that due to his nature, being a nekuromansā or is it because of his so many years of living?Well who knows?In first look he is a really taunting and alluring man, who is a master of the art of flirting.His looks are at a help even if his true power is in the words.Charming and dangerous like a snake that is the best description for him.He goes from the one extremeness to the other, meaning-The one who he cherish and admire the most, can easily become the most hated by him person.Not a logical person at all, his motto is: First act then think.Doesn't pay much attention to the concequences and tends to do irrational things, that to him seem perfectly logical.

A split personality, disorder?Why yes, thank you.Izanagi can be as childish as cruel and violent.While with some who he is close with, he behaves childish with others he can be really cruel in order to get his own sick satisfaction.Normaly he is spoiled by nature, no matter if he is in his child or villain state.He will usualy won't move his finger if it's not something urgent or that has managed to grab his attention enough to make an effort.With that you can easily say that he doesn't cook, clean or teach.If there is someone who wants to be his student, then he should be ready to fulfill every single wish of his and pray that he will be taught something.

He had a perfect childhood, as perfect as it can be with two rich psychoopats for parents.He was spoiled and given everything he wants, but that came with a price.In order to even live with his parents, he had to prove himself to be a worthy enough.Wether it was to kill an animal or a dig out a corpse he would do it, just to give his parents satisfaction.When he reached the age of 18 for his birthday he had given him the unusual present.He raped him with the explanation that it was best his first to be his father.This thou continued on and on, being told that he was trained for his good.Being something daily for him, the dark haird boy said to himself: What's the point in making an effort?Why not enjoy it?.That lasted atleast for a year more until he finaly didn't have the power to make it on his own and fight back, with the result of killing his father and having only a mother to take care of.Soon thou his mother died as well, being killed by humans and he found himself all alone.Did that bother him?It did at first, but once he understood that there was no helping it he stopped carring.He found good ways to use his attactive looks and his magic's power.He kept the mansion along with the inheirance he recieved and started having his own fun, which was made mainly of having constant lovers, being spoiled to the maximum, using his magic in order to have some fun and many more.Nowadays he continues to be the same and does he have the intention on changing?Why the hell, would he when he is having so much fun!He would be dammed if he was to put an end to this, sooner.

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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Hideo Izanagi   Tue 17 Sep - 10:05

Welcome to Spell Casters!
Please just precise the teacher of what that you are, it's easier for others.
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Hideo Izanagi
Dark Earth Convent

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PostSubject: Re: Hideo Izanagi   Tue 17 Sep - 10:14

Thank you!
I've fixed the job, hope it's better now. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Hideo Izanagi   

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Hideo Izanagi
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