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 Chisaro, Yuki

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Chisaro Yuki

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PostSubject: Chisaro, Yuki   Fri 20 Sep - 12:22

Last Name:Chisaro
First Name: Yuki
Age: 19
Sexe: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Chiryō-sha
Clan: The Monastaries
Forgotten memories: For this is needed a lot of concentration just like in healing.It can be called looking in the past.When there is someone interested in his past I make physical contact with him, holding hands, touching any part of the body, with closed eyes and events form the pass begin appearing in their minds.

Healing: Just like anyother chiryō-sha I can cast healing spells, but like one weak student my spells aren't so great.I'm still a novice in healing, just fixing up small things like: twists, scratches, twists, flues and etc.

Physical Description:

I'm not one of the tallest people around, actualy I might be even below the average.For me something like being short isn't a problem, still for those who go out with me by the looks of it is.I don't remember how many times I was dumped just because of the heigh difference and in the end I always end up seeing my exs with taller than them guys.My skin is pale and some say I look like as if I'm sick, but others take is for really cute along with my heigh.I'm pretty slim and most mistake me for a girl, thanks to that and probably because of the red hairpins I usualy have in my sandy blonde hair.I also have light blue eyes and a small nose.

The clothes that I wear are mostly baggy.I have complexes with my girlish body and those my age that are around me, don't make it easier.That is probably the reason I prefer wearing clothes one size bigger than my number, so sometimes even my fingers are covered by the blouse/jacket.I really like the color of the sky and the cherry blossoms, but I keep that to myself because if I was to wear soemthing in pink I don't think I will be able to live the next day.There is a silver pendant in the shape of a small sakura flower, on my neck but I wear it under my clothes.

Psychological Description:

I'm a quiet type of a boy and get easily bothered.I don't like to be made fun of, then again who does?I don't have a really high confidence in myself and my body type doesn't help it.I have complexes of my appearance and if it were me to choose how I would turn out to look in my teenager years, I would like to be one of the cool guys with shaped bodies and have full buckets of confidence in me, sadly it's not like that.I get easily embarrassed and when I blush I was told that I look like a tomato.I prefer studying or working over communicating with others, as I also lack in that.Still I love to talk to the cats that visit the shrine I work and live at, to feed them, pet them and be able to play with them as well.Books are another way for me to escape from reality and I really like reading them out in the open, on a fresh air.


My story isn't something interesting or out of the ordinary.I was borned in a normal family with two wonderful parents, that took a good care for me.When I was a child I used to get often sick and was really fragile, that's why mom didn't really let me play with other kids, because of the risk of injuring myself and I didn't go to public school but instead had a private tutor.I couldn't have a cat for a pet as I wanted to, because of an allergy, which I got over around the age of 16 and instead had fish which I couldn't pet but only look at.With my growing up I became a really closed person and was often bullied.I dreally don't understand why it happens, but neither do I say something about it.For now I only hope to be able to find a good teacher and be taught different and more advanced spells as well to develop those who I already know.I also want to find someone that will cherish me or atleast like me enough.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Chisaro, Yuki   Sun 22 Sep - 8:59

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Chisaro Yuki

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PostSubject: Re: Chisaro, Yuki   Sun 22 Sep - 9:29

I'm really thankful for the validation!Just one little bit of thingy: I wrote two powers, but only one is added in the profile Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Chisaro, Yuki   

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Chisaro, Yuki
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