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 The serval: Rin

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Ocean Academy

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PostSubject: The serval: Rin    Mon 23 Sep - 23:42

“Just call me Rin”
Last Name: Yutaka
First Name: Rin
“I’m as young as I feel and that’s about three”
Age: 116
“blind are we?”
Sexe: male
“some people say I just jump on anything that breaths when I’m in the mood for it”
Sexual Orientation: panasexual
“me? Put up with a bunch of bratty kids?...never”
Teacher Or Student: student
“I’m a serval”
Class: Tasōnosenshi
“Well I am an African wild cat I’d think that is obvious..”
Clan: Sawagrass pack
“It might surprise you I’m not as weak as I might look”
1. Hyper- the ability that energizes one’s body so it can move  incredibly fast so fast some people may mistake it for teleportation when moving from one side of the room to the other.
2. Water- ability to manipulate water, which can be quite useful in arid climates such as Africa but can also be useful as a weapon.
“quite handsome, no? how about it you interested now ~”
Physical Description:
My human form is much like my serval form, I have slender long limbs. Good flexibility and while I’m not small like some regular house cat I’m not incredibly big either so I’ve ended up somewhere in the middle which is great for me since it widens the range of play. I have rather pale skin since I do most of my basking out in the sun in my serval form. I have bright aqua eyes and fair hair. I don’t like wearing clothes its unnatural and restricting but since a lot of people seem to have a problem with it I begrudgingly wear a sarong and at times even a kimono, any more than that and I’d feel like I’m suffocating.

“A serval is like a cat on speed so I wouldn’t be too surprised about my personality”
Psychological Description:  I’m full of a lot of contradictions, at times a love being solitary others I crave for attention. I like to play all day, but then I also love to sleep. One day I might be seducing you the next snapping at you to get the hell away from me. I’m fierce and yet at times docile. At times I can’t stay still for even a second and at others I detest movement. Some people find it hard to keep up with what I’m thinking which is probably because I change my mind all the time. In two words: Completely unpredictable.

While the sawagrass pack was where I was born and don’t get me wrong it was nice and there were wild cats like myself but it seemed to be always on the move which interfered when I didn’t want to and well in a pack you have to listen to a leader and well as you might have already guessed I’m not very good at doing what I’m told. More importantly I don’t want to.
I lived in Africa for a while, out in the wild it was fun playing with the poachers. I made sure to teach them a couple of lessons and well it was nice to be with my own kind except I carved for a bit of TLC. So I went into a village where a nice lady picked me up and took care of me, she petted me when I wanted it and left me alone when I was in a mood… really too bad that all humans have to die so early.
After that I didn’t want to go back to the wild, finding a new owner was tiresome since I didn’t like being tied down so instead I came to school. Its really great at the moment because I can play all I like and there’s a great variety of people I can take to bed wither it be pushing them down or being pushed down. I don’t understand while people dislike school though when it comes to class I don’t really attend it a lot… talk about boring.
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: The serval: Rin    Sun 29 Sep - 10:02

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The serval: Rin
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