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 Rei, yuuichi's little brother!

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Rei Komura
The Sawgrass Pack

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PostSubject: Rei, yuuichi's little brother!   Wed 6 Nov - 21:23

Last name: Komura
First name: Rei
Age: 57 643 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: Men. Big, manly men. Strong and...very endurant.

Teached or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi
Clan: Sawgrass Pack
1- Fortune Teller: I have visions about the futur. I always get them right. Usually, my predictions are directed towards the person with the strongest energy.
2- Blue Flames of the Fox: Just your typical blue fox fire. It burns everything or not. Depends on my mood and how I feel for you.

Physical Description: I have light blue blue that reaches my chin. My eyes are golden like my Nii-San. My fox ears are alwaya out and my left one is pierced twice at the bottom wirh silver rings. My tails are also always present, they are long and fluffy and light blue, like the my hair.
I also have light blue markings all over my body when I use my fox fire. My clothes depend on my mood. Sometimes it's skin tight other times I wear yukatas that are light in color. I like wearing geta and actually looking like my Nii-San. People describe me as being cute yet evil. I smile, but I also have this look in my eyes that shows my mischevious part.
Psychological Description: I am sweet and innocent...Not! I've done real perverted things in my life, unlike my virgin older brother. I'm know as a cute boyish man, and big men love to try to get their hands on my body. I like playing with them and then letting them think they won only to destroy their hopes and leave them.
I don't particularly enjoy going to school, but the men I find their are very interesting. I have a weakness towards Sen'tou. The only thing I actually love doing is doing my fortune telling on friday nights at a bar.

Story: Nii-San left for the Academy first, I was alone at home. I grew bitter but not towards my Nii-San, I grew bitter against my parents since they prefered my brother, Yuuichi over me. The moment I felt I could go, I decided never to go back home again. I learn fast, but I also learned that if I needed something, a favor lf somesort, my body was the best tool I had.
Right then, I found my brother and I was happy to see his naive and innocent self again. I kept my eyes on him to keep him safe, though now it seems that a teacher fell for him, so I am once more on my own. I need myself a man to forget about this tonight...
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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: Rei, yuuichi's little brother!   Thu 7 Nov - 8:25

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Rei, yuuichi's little brother!
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