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 Luka Crosszeria

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Luka Crosszeria


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PostSubject: Luka Crosszeria   Wed 20 Nov - 16:58

Last Name: Crosszeria
First Name: Luka
Age: 19 years old
Sex: Man
Sexual Orientation: ...

Teacher Or Student: Student
Class: Gensono
Clan: I was home raised.
1- Life from art

Physical Description: I do not look my age. Actually, I don't even look like a man. With my long white hair and violet eyes, I am often mistaken for a maiden. I am not a woman. I am a pure man. Even if my body is thin and frail, I am still able to defend myself. Or rather, my art defends myself.
My clothes also make people wonder about my gender. I like to wear light clothing, in white or vibrant colors. I always wear a bead bracelet, for some reason when I don't wear it I feel uncomfortable. With my power, people would think that white clothing is a bad choice, but the black ink is part of my magic, it won't stain me, and my hands are quite skilled.
Psychological Description: I am a very gentle natured man. I prefer smiling over crying and staying away from the drama of other people. However, my artistic nature also makes it that I don't really listen in class. I'd much rather look out the window or draw in my books or on my desk. It never got me in trouble, but it does make some people mock me.
I don't talk much, so people think that I am mute However, my voice is just as soft and melodious as my body structure let's people think it is. I like to sing when I am drawing alone. I'd use my smarts rather than my fists, or rather my art to win battles. I prefer peace.

Story: At my birth, I was to become the next leader of the ocean academy, however, as I grew up, my powers were just too different from what they wanted me to be. So my parents decided to take me aside of the academy and teach me themselves. I grew up to be a very happy child, or rather, my nature made it that the bad things never rubbed up on me and I simply stayed happy.
When I was 16, I went to the greatest academy ever, but studying wasn't in my schedule. The nature over there was just begging for me to draw it. Most of the school's art was done by me, and that's why most move around as well. I don't pay attention to other students, I do respect my teachers. However, I still don't talk much even to them. I'm a solitary person so it happens that when a teacher asks me something, I simply smile and leave.
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Madora House

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PostSubject: Re: Luka Crosszeria   Thu 21 Nov - 14:03

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Luka Crosszeria
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