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 silver phoenix

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Usui Crosszeria
The Sawgrass Pack

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PostSubject: silver phoenix   Thu 21 Nov - 8:51

Last Name: Crosszeria
First name: usui
Age: 21
Sex: Man
Sexual orientation: N/A

Teacher or Student: Student
Class: Tasonosenshi ( silver phoenix )
Clan: Sawgrass Pack

- Sacred Crystal
- Diamond Dust
- blue flame

Description of your powers:

Diamond Dust : makes my wings appeared, then released diamond dust into the air. This could heal any wounds, mine, or others too.

Sacred Crystal : I can summon twin saber sword made of pure crystal that can't be broken. It has ice magic on it.

Blue Flame : made blue flame appeared out of nowhere and manipulating flames.

Physical Description:

He has a slim build, tall body, long legs, and he was pretty slim to be a fighter. Though usui was swift one. he has short blonde to light brown hair color, golden eyes, soft light honey skin. He liked to wear Victorian style of clothes . he has a taste for classic design and arts. He always wore a silver cross on his right chest as a pin and he always attached his silver chain around his waist, it was like a thin silver belt for him, with small crown accessory on it.

As a silver phoenix, usui was completely different with the other phoenix. If the usual birds have flaming wings, then usui has a pure silver wings that was transparent and when the light hits the wings, it would shine like diamond. Of course he could fly with those wings, he got four pairs in total and they were all pure silver color. Usui could turn into a complete phoenix form which was quite big, but he could also transform certain parts of his body, like wings only or tails only.

Psychological Description:

Usui was born in a family that was quite rich. His father was a rich Aristocrat. His father got two wives as far as usui knows. And sadly, usui was born from the mistress, not the queen. He was a son of a mistress. He get different treatment from his father since he was only a son of a mistress. Sometimes, his father would chose to leave or turn a blind eye and deaf ear towards usui. His father only loves the queen, the first lady, but the mistress, she was only a replacement, a one night sex. Though in the end, usui was born and he became the second son of the Aristocrat. Thanks to his painful childhood, usui was not that loving towards his parents. Even his mother hated him. He was hated by both his mother and father, and he never knew that he had a step brother, who was the official heir of the rich Aristocrat . usui had been living in his own world of emptiness. Mostly, he would wear no expression on his face, or he would act calm towards others. He might act indifferent towards people, even when that certain person cared about him, usui would tend to shut himself tightly from the outer world.

One day, a very beautiful princess got married to her prince. She was happy, even though her happiness did not last long. She found out that her prince already had a queen of his own and that she was merely replacement. However, it was too late already. The princess was pregnant, she hated it. She used to have a beauty of a doll, and now, her belly become bigger and bigger. She finally had a son, and she tried to kill her son couple of times but the servant always stopped her. In the end, she had no choice but to raise her unwanted son. As time goes by, her son grew up and he inherit his mother's beautiful figure. He was named usui. Being a son of a mistress and being an unwanted son, usui lived his own life hard way. He had to stood up for himself, fight for himself. He defied both of his parents who never wanted him in the first place. Now, he ended up in the academy, because his  father wanted him to stay away from the heir , who was usui's father legitimate son, the son from the first lady. Not that usui minded it, he never knew about the other son of his father anyway, and he never wanted to .

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Ryuzaki Oda


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PostSubject: Re: silver phoenix   Thu 21 Nov - 8:52

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silver phoenix
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