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 Let's make a great rp!

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Chisaro Yuki
Chisaro Yuki

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PostSubject: Let's make a great rp!   Sat 21 Sep - 19:33

Hey guys in short I would love to rp with all of you if it was possible!Sadly I can have one rp partner and hopefuly that, it would be you!I'm sure that we can make an interesting and fantastic rp as long as we work together!
Here is my presentation form: http://spell-casters.forum-canada.com/t87-chisaro-yuki I would do it by modyfying the link, but I've noticed that many don't notice it and just shrug it off.My character is a uke in sexual relationships as you may guess it in his bio.
Well when I'm validated I would be glad to start a rp, with you! ^-^

Love, Yuki ♥
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Let's make a great rp!
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